G.M.F. is a young and dynamic company present in different markets (retail, third party production, GDO, Industry, etc) with a range of products tailored to development programs that can operate in a vast range of cross sectors: from medical to automotive, from thermo-hydraulic to transport etc. Our mission pursues a new philosophy in the traditional relationship between industry and market.
CREATING PARTNERSHIPS an industry/market symbiosis through the study and synergistic analysis of solutions in specific market sectors with research and identification, in different highly specialized market contexts, of products suitable in satisfying such needs. The operative structures at our disposal include research centers that permit the expression at the highest levels of the most innovative and functional solutions, with the highest guarantee of reliability and safety. Consulting, training and the employment of modern marketing strategies complete the range of our activities in reaching your business target. The professional profile with which G.M.F. has distinguished itself in time is represented by a vast range of corporation leaders with which we operate in Europe. Car manufactures and distributors at national and international levels have chosen our company as their partner. G.M.F.’s associates are available to illustrate innovative solutions in reaching your business targets.

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